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Fun With Stale Bagels

After a satisfying dinner from Sushi Yu, Martha and I went to Terrace Bagels to stock up on some of Brooklyn's favorite breakfast food. Upon arriving at home, I went to put them in the cupboard and realized that I still had a few left over from the last batch I bought. Antics ensued:

Note: This time I only bought half a dozen.
Self Portrait with 220

Flickr Turns 4

Here is a picture I took in White's City, New Mexico:


And here it is on the wall of the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco as part of Flickr's 4th birthday celebration:

Flickr turns 4

The details of how this happened can be found in the Flickr Turns 4 group, and there's a wrap-up of the event on Yahoo's corporate blog.

All this information comes thanks to Flickr's new stats feature, which is also how I found out about pictures of mine being featured on the front pages of Gothamist and

Neat, huh?
Self Portrait with 220

Some Details, For A Change

I keep having these amazing weekends and failing document them in any tangible form (besides Flickr), so here is some information about my Friday and Saturday:

Scrabble at Pacific Standard
  • Nick was in town!
  • Dinner: The Farm On Adderly in Ditmas Park with Nick, Martha, Nick's friend Gabe, and Gabe's ladyfriend (whose name escapes me). I had the grilled brook trout with Israeli couscous and spiced carrots. Martha had the shrimp special over poppy seed polenta, which made me jealous, but both were pretty amazing.
  • Post Dinner: Scrabble and drinks at Pacific Standard, a relatively new bar in Park Slope that I really enjoy (see pic at right). They almost always have a barleywine-style ale on tap, which is both wonderful and dangerous.
Bibimbop And Dumplings J.W. Lee's Harvest Ale 1998
  • Brunch: Martha made tasty chocolate chip pancakes and we pigged out on them like whoa and lounged on the couch and watched DVR'd Law & Order and Two And A Half Men for a good part of the afternoon.
  • Dinner: Kunjip in Koreatown. I had bibimbop (see pic at right). Martha had some sort of beef stew thing? Both were crazy awesome.
  • Post-Dinner: We accidentally double-booked our evening, but somehow it all worked out. We had tickets to see The Magnetic Fields at Town Hall at 8, but this fact totally skipped our minds when we bought tickets to see Be Kind Rewind at 6:40. Thankfully, the restaurant, the cinema and the venue were all within a few blocks of each other, so the timing worked out perfectly. The movie was really cute and funny and heartwarming; I liked it a lot. And the show was, of course, amazing. They even played "Take Ecstasy With Me", which is one of my favorite Magnetic Fields songs.
  • Post-Entertainment: Met up with some folks at Beer Table, another (brand-)new bar in Park Slope. Holy shit, this place was amazing. I had an unbelievable bottle of J.W. Lee's Harvest Ale from 1998 (see pic at right), which was so smooth that it smelled and tasted like sherry. Matt James and I decided that we should try to make it back there on a weekly basis, which I don't think will be difficult.

This evening marks the inaugural production of The Best Damn Coffee Frappes In Brooklyn, accompanied by some pizza-making and a halfhearted attempt to watch the Oscars. Care to join?
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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

While researching the details of this movie and its most recent butchering remaking (starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta, set to be released in 2009) I couldn't help but notice how painstakingly detailed the goofs section is on its IMDB page.

What's even more entertaining is that there was a made-for-TV remake in 1998, filmed in Toronto, for which the goof list is nearly twice as long. It's interesting to compare the two and see which errors were necessary plot points, thus showing up in both, and which were just carelessness and bad research on the part of the respective filmmakers.

By the way, the photo at left was taken at the New York Transit Museum, which I recently visited and wholeheartedly endorse as being awesome. Are you surprised?

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And I'm Back

Eight days, four national parks, 13 cities and towns in four states, 50 hours of rail travel (and 6 hours of air travel), 1,700 miles of driving, and about 1,500 almost 2,000 pictures. It was pretty fucking awesome.

I'm going to post the worthy photos in small chunks, I think—hopefully over the course of the next week or two—so be sure to check my Flickr often if you're curious.
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Road Trip!

Martha and I curled up by the fire last night (actually, the soft light of Law & Order: SVU) and sketched out a rough draft of our upcoming tour of the American Southwest. The tentative plan is as follows:
The trip will take about 8 days total — 3 on the train and 5 days of driving. This plan is certainly subject to change, especially considering its ambitiousness. Though I've mapped the route on Google Maps, and it seems doable, provided we can get camping accommodations at Big Bend, the Guadalupe Mountains, and the Grand Canyon, and a hotel in Albuquerque. Of course, any recommendations on alternate routes other stuff to see would be welcome. We're hoping to make it happen around the end of January.

BTW, Google Maps' "drag to customize your route" feature is so fucking awesome. How did people plan trips before it existed?